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I can't believe I'm sooooo stupid!!!!


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I guess this is mostly just me venting....Last night me and my friends went out and I drank A LOT I actually ended up having a one night stand ( which I had never done before) and we didn't use protection. This morning he called me saying that I should probably get the morning after pill, which I am going to get tonight, because he was worried. I feel so stupid and I hate myself for doing that. ](*,)

I feel like panicking right now, even though I know it wouldn't give me anything. I'm so disgusted with myself even though I know many people have one night stands and all...I just didn't think that I would be able to do that.

I can't tell any of my friends because the only one who would not judge me is out of town for the next month, so I feel alone...but writing on this helped a bit.

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It's OKAY. We all do stupid things when we're drunk. I slept with my best friend when we were both smashed one night, and I'm a very good girl. No one is here to judge you. The important thing is that hopefully this has been a good reality check so that next time, you'll know when you've had enough to drink, and you'll be able to stay in control.


Chin up, stuff happens. That's just life. Live and learn ....(and get tested for STD's )

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Yup I agree with the other posters - I've done the same thing, and the important thing is to learn from this experience, and as said, get checked out for STD's.


And... don't hate yourself. All you're accomplishing in doing so is making yourself feel worse about the situation, which isn't necessary. Remember these things happen and you'll get past it.

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Yes, he did cum inside me, which is why he called me to make sure I was going to take the morning after pill and offered to pay for it. I know the chances of me actually getting pregnant, but I feel like panicking because "what if..."!!! I can't be pregnant right now...

As for the STD's, I asked him last night and this morning and both times he said that I'm the only girl he's slept with since he last got tested not so long ago... I think I'll go next week just to make sure though.

Thanks for the replies though And yes, I am going to slow down my drinking for sure...

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Please, please don't hate yourself. I think most of us have done things drunk which we wouldn't have done sober ... allow yourself a cringe, do the necessaries mentioned above, have another cringe and a wince - and remind yourself you won't be doing this again!


Then put it all firmly behind you, and allow yourself a little treat when everything's sorted! You don't have to tell anyone who will be judgmental - it's nobody else's business.

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