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I need some advice please


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been separated from my wife for 5 months, have two children together, many of our problems have arised from financial mistakes by my wife, and Iwould yell at her, and put her down emotionally. about two weeks ago I tried to reconcile to no avail, she let me know that her feelings have changed ie i am not in love with you, I aske dif she shut the dooor on me, and she said no, but she does not do that , but she does not see us getting back together. She says that she does not want to give me hope just in case nothing happens, ie stringing along. then last saturady night I told her I was having a hard time with this, and asked her if we could postpone filling for divorce, so I could show her rather than tell that I could make the changes, I said to her that I think she is hesitant becuase she does not want to get hurt, but she said that that was not it, and she mentioned that there was more too it, meaning feelings. anyways, she told me that she would think about it. My question is why would she have to think abojut itafter she told me she is not in love with me anymore. This is what perplexes me. I have been seeing a therapist regarding my quick temper, just a side note, I never hit her or even came close to it, I just need a filter on my mouth, this is what I am working on to be a better person in general. the last couple days, I have picked up the kids, I have been very pleasant with her, helping her with things, brought her a coffee from dunkin donuts, and when I leave to go home I give her a kiss on the cheek, and she alows me to do so, today I told her she looks really nice. Last sunday I went to her sister to speak with her. I have not got along with her for many years, and most of it was my fault, I spoke with her and told her that I was sorry for everything that went down between us, she said she never was mad at me, but thanked me, and she asked for me to be a friend to my wife. The next day she was over my wifes house early in the morning, I knew this becuase I was picking up the kids. My wife has been nice to me not in a loving manner, but has allowed me to kiss her cheek, and I told her that I would not ask her again about what we discussed saturday night , and I would give her time to think about it. If she is thinking about it, means there is some kind of chance, if she did not even consider it, she would have told me no right away, my wife tends to be very direct.

Does her thinking about it mean that there is a chance between us, or is she just delaying the inevitably.

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