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Question for the boys who like to feel pretty

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A guy I am seeing recently revealed something about himself that he had not shared with anyone before. He told me that has secretly wants to wear makeup, and has cross dressing fantasies. He is envious that women are allowed to be pretty, and men aren't. I wasn't shocked when he told me, my first clue was our first date... he could not stop playing with the lacy fringe on the top I was wearing. It wasn't in a molesting way, he kept apologizing, it was just so "pretty". The molesting came later lol


It doesn't bother me, but for some reason he thinks it does. I actually think its a little sexy, but Ive never been n this situation before. I am a bi/f and he is a bi/m... I have dated bi guys beore so that is not an issue.


What is the right way to be supportive? I am very much a hippie/free spirit, and I have always been very comfortable exploring myself and being myself. I cannot relate to the embarrassment or shame he seems to feel about exploring certain aspects of himself. I can relate to wanting to feel pretty, and enjoying soft feminine fabrics against my skin. If this is something he really wants to explore I want to make him feel safe


Any ideas?

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Shuttlefish: he wouldn't be the 1st guy.... I know a lot of guys that come out as "gay" later in life identiy as "bi" while they are easing into their orientation. There are also plenty of true bisexuals out there. The desire to wear women's clothing and makeup do not corrospond necessarily to your orientation.


I am not the type of person that believes in marriage, but I do believe in great romances and so far I am really enjoying this guy.


I am pretty involved in the glbt community, including activism, but none of my gay friends are in the drag/cd community. So here I am.....


It would be nice to hear how someone in the cd community would like their partner to respond in an ideal universe.

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I would say try not to be too overly supportive, and try not to make a too big a deal over it. I think it is just going to take some time for him to get used to the fact that you are OK with it. The thing is it is new for him too that you are fine with it.


I wish you two the best of luck.

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