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Wow I'm stumped!


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Hey everyone,


It's been a little while since I last posted here, I've just been enjoying summer with an internship I have and going with the flow. Well, once the internship moved a few hours away for an event we're working on, things changed. Over the past two and a half weeks - and with half a week left to go - I have met a great girl I really click well with. She is working in our department for the three weeks we're at this new place.


I won't get into any of the "signs" or "hints" that have taken place (or else this post will be really long lol), but it seems we really get along well. We have a lot of things in common, the busting chops an rapport goes both ways, everything is great.


The problem, of course, is time. I don't know how I can manage to pull off anything here in the span of four days. Heck, even only having a week or a week and a half to do something isn't much time. It didn't take long for my co-workers in my department to tell that I was "into" her and I was being influenced to rush into making a move. They feel there is "something there." While I wish I could - and I would if I were at school - I fear if things didn't work out, I'd have to run into her every day for hours on end (we work very long hours seven days a week), and this sort of thing could hurt me in terms of my internship experience. I know it makes me look like some sort of pansy here with this girl, but I won't do anything that risks the internship - I'm sure discreetly doing things is fine, but if there's a problem, that's not good.


As I mentioned before, this girl is great. She's able to make things fun and I enjoy her company. With four days left to go though, I'm not sure anything can really happen. One of my friends suggested trying to "go for it" for one night, but I'm not too smooth with those sort of things. Do you guys have any advice? Should I say something to her? Is there anything I can really do?

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I hate bumping this twice, but I really need the help. I'm just not sure what to do, given the amount of time I have.


I did learn tonight that I'm much better during the day than at night. When a bunch of us wound up at the bar, she was getting hit on by 4-5 guys, I saw this and decided talking to others was a better idea. If I'm not that "influenced" by the alcohol, I can't really talk to or be on the same page as someone who is drunk. I learned my "day game" is superior to my "night game" since there are less obstacles and I can be myself.


I'm thinking, for tomorrow, I can sneak over to Dunkin Donuts before work, get her a coffee (she's a coffee fanatic) and bring it to the office. Of course, I'd get myself a drink and a bite too, since I "happened to be there." I'll write a quick sticky with some funny comment, once she thanks me, I can ask her if she'd like to go out that night. Any thoughts?

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