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GF is addicted to facebook/AIM


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My girlfriend spends 5-10 hours a day on facebook/AIM. 90 percent of the time I cant even hold normal day conversation with her because she is busy playing around on the computer all day long. The only time we really hang out is at night when she can handle getting away from it for the evening. She spends the majority of the day messaging guys and girls and animals or pretty much anything that has a facebook and will show interest in her about who knows what. Its starting to get annoying and well kinda sad and lame. Without going into too many details. Is it me? Am i just not interesting enough to keep her attention? I do work a lot and have a few things im working to get accomplished which has taken my attention away a little bit. Ive never been with a girl so addicted to the computer before.:sad: If it came down too it she would probably choose it over me :sad:

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my fianceé had this problem.

The internet mysteriously went out in our house for a weekend and i had to call the 'engineer' to 'sort it out'. ;-)

forced with real life she actually had fun with me again... and when the internet 'came back' she halved the amount of time she spent facebooking because she realised there were other things outside of cyberspace.


Try that? ;-)

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Does she have a job?

Go to school?




If you don't live together, I'd stop hanging out at her house so she was FORCED to be away from the computer when you hang out.


If she still chooses the internet over being with you. Time to look for other girls.


I can't imagine being online while with my boyfriend.

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My girlfriend, or should I say ex girlfriend now, had a thing with the internet too. It wasn't extreme or anything and if you asked her she'd just say it's because she didn't have anything else to do, but whenever we were in the car her head would be glued to her iphone screen browsing the internet, whenever I would try and get us to do activities together like cook she'd end up just sitting down and browsing the internet - all the time I'd keep having to ask her to put it down. She'd even get it out in restaurants and coffee shops sometimes, I would just feel dejected and get my own phone out and start doing the same so as not to look like a chump.


Really started to worry me as it popped up right when all these articles in the news etc. about how the internet is ruining relationships started appearing.


I think this sort of thing will be a major problem in the future - particularly it has to be said some kind of girls find it really hard to just leave the forums and the social sites alone. I think women are more hardwired to care about what their wider social network is up to than guys, and sometimes you find girls who let that become more important than spending time with their boyfriends.


There have obviously been times when I hadn't been paying her enough attention but if she told me I would stop asap most of the time. I certainly wouldn't wander off an start browsing forums when she wants to do something together like cook or watch a movie.

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Odd. I think in all reality your girlfriend, if she is young, grew up in the so-called "digital age" and thinks little of the mass amounts of time spent on the computer. In the last 10 or so years, the trend has been ever present and ever growing amongst high school to early college aged people entirely relying on the internet to govern and shape their day to day lives. I don't believe it's right, but it's not always harmful. I think the accusation of her choosing a silly internet site over you is outrageous, and almost a bit mean. She's not that bad, is she? All in all, I think with some coercion by say, oh, you coming back, she'd be ready and totally willing to give everything up for good. Just a thought, though.


P.S. She still loves you more than you'd ever know.

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It is an addiction. Its a fear of missing out on something of importance.


Far too easy to pick up a laptop and bury yourself in the internet rather than talk to your partner. Stuff like sat watching tv together with the internet on your laptop.


Towards the end of my relationship the ex was facebook chatting at 10am in bed at weekends. I felt bad trying to see what she was typing but wanted to be sure there was nothing going on. It does get in the way of talking issues with the partner

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Holy hell. I think I spend a total of like 5 minutes a month of facebook. How fun can it be? lol, maybe you should get her hooked on WOW, but that would probably just make things worse. Wow, facebook. If she chooses facebook over you I think its time for a new girlfriend.

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