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Is she being irrational?

In the Dark

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Okay heres the scenario.

Her friends have a baby and they will not let their friends family or relatives visit after 5:30pm due to getting the baby into a routine.

The baby is only a few monts old, maybe two.


A friend of thiers will now not visit because she is not allowed to visit after 5:30pm.

She is about an hour out of town.


This friend helped them through the birth of thier child.


Is it irrational to be this angry because she cannot visit after 5:30?


Shouldn't respect the parents wishes despite being thier through the child birth?


Or does she have a right to be this angry that she will never see them and the baby she helped deliver again?



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She deosn't work anymore so she can visit pretty much anytime.

Infact she will be leaving for a place further than where she is at the end of the month.


I don't understand the importance of stay longer than 5:30pm.

I go to visit them I as was there for some of the labour in the hospital, but i respect their wishes.

They are the parents of the baby after all and are doing a very good job with her.

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I also think she is throwing a hissyfit over nothing.

Her and my friends are the parents of the baby and they have right to say when people do and don't comeover.


Whatever is best for the baby in my opinion.


Actually her behaviour is sounding very immature now.


Only recently as since early yesterday, she has said that her and her friend with child are BFF.


All I can say is this * * * ?!


The only meds she is on are Yasmin.


Even I noticed since she started taking it she has been very much irrational and crazy.


But I will start a new thread on the subject.


I believe the distance won't be forever either.

They are childhood friends.

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