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  1. aahah i like the ducks one, they look like they are talking
  2. nothing to eat in my house and i am not leaving when it is like 10 degrees outside!
  3. i wish that we could print out real food from our printers instead of just paper. i'm starving.
  4. but you said you only take pictures of animals. (& NO ANIMAL JOKES!)
  5. haha. i will next year. it will probably be more expensive anywhere else, though. keep in mind that i live in NY!
  6. it would start in feb. if i decided to sign up for it. they require a certain camera, though. i dont know which one.
  7. i'm not sure. i was told only around two to three hundred, i think.
  8. nah, not at mine. i looked into the course and you are required to have a specific camera that you have to buy yourself.
  9. ooh! i loved doing that with photoshop. except i liked to make everything black and white except for ONE color (like, if there are a bunch of pink flowers in a field, i make everything black and white except for the pink of the flowers.)
  10. aw, thanks, haha. i was actually saying today that i really want to take a photography course. which is why i am interested in a nice camera, but i am sort of broke right now with the holidays coming up.
  11. lol. as long as i had a camera? haha, i don't really. like i said, point and click. but some of your photos inspired me to try. i'm not a natural, obviously. lol. in my defense the 2nd one was taken with my razr.
  12. here's some more of the snow last night: image removed image removed
  13. im okayy! my tummy hurts a little, but otherwise fine ! this is a photography thread though hmm....... maybe i should post some pics.
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