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A PT job that only give you 5 hours PER WEEK and is min. wage & they want to choose my hours!

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I jsut started this job about 2 months ago. Our boss told us we would not get many hours the first week or so after we started working, but after that the hours would pick up.


Meanwhile the economy is not so good and sales are down for our Co.

Well, that is not my fault.. I try to be as helpful as I can to the customers, they are always thanking me for helping them.. but the most hours I've ever gotten is like 10 hours per week since I started there!


And though I'm a college graduate, being paid min. wage, hardly pays ANY bills at all!


Now, they want to tie up my weekends just doing THEIR job!

My problem is my other job, the one I had before & STILL have, is USUALLY ON the weekends, so IF I take their hours, that prevents me from doing my other job which pays at least $10 an hour.


Now, my other job, the hours are FLEXIBLE and so I can either decline or accept their job offers, but I SURE CANNOT AFFORD TO LIVE ON ONLY $35 A WEEK!

i mentioned this to the asst mgr, and asked them to give me predominately midweek hours but they said they ONLY need people Part-time on the Weekend.


which, means, either I will NOT be able to pay all my bills and lose our place to live, or I have to quit there!

I am not 20 years old and living with mom & dad anymore, so just having "pin money" to me just won't cut it.. we have living expenses, high ones, we need to meet..

I feel this is pretty unfair.

The boss basically lied to us, when we were hired. If he had said, 'well, if things don't pick up, you will ONLY be getting 5-10 hours per week', I would of tried like heck to get another FT job, but I expected this to turn into something giving me at least 25-30 hours a week and I can see it WILL NOT!


Plus, they never really bothered to train me properly.. and the boss is rather snotty to me sometimes, though I have no clue why... other than I'm not 20 years old anymore..though I do not know why. Most of the bosses, except the main one, are like 20 or 25 it seems... I am being very polite to the customers and the other workers.

Some of the workers are cool... but if he's going to discriminate against me like this.. then I'm going to be a bummed out worker!

Now, I KNOW things are rough, but they have hired just SO MANY P-T people it's ridiculous..

Why don't companies just hire a FEW people, give them decent hours, they SURE ain't giving me Decent Wages, even though I've DONE this type of work before!

Forgive me, but I'm just venting here.. Venting and freaking out.


I think I should just keep my mouth quiet and be ambitiously looking for other work, don't you?

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Just because you're hired to do one thing, business changes with the economic times, and we all know that times are rough right now. Unless your agreement is in writing, complaining about your hours being changed is pointless.


Time to start looking for another job.

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I agree, getting $35 a week IS ridiculous and then they get to CHOOSE my hours!


Really, I have a 3rd job, but if I manage it well, I can at least make $35 a week and choose whatever hours I like! Then, I would still have my weekends free for when my other job needs me, and that job pays WELL!


I'm not sure what to do.. just keep the job til I find a new one. I have applied to 2 other jobs this week and I'm going to keep applying to more.


I KNOW they have a stack of applicants. Maybe someone else can afford to work MIN.Wage and only 5 hours a week! I sure cannot.


This boss lied to us from the get-go. I KNOW the other people who applied the same time as me, ALSO are only getting a few hours a week, but they ALL have FT jobs.

This is NOT working out for me. I hate to quit though. I can keep working, but I just cannot work all their weird hours.


For some reason, I don't think the main boss likes me or the other asst mgr. There is one manager who I think is a nice person. I like her. I think she's honest and tries to do a good job and be impartial.

The other bosses, I can tell have favorites.. and I'm certainly not one of them!

Plus, too they always want me to buy stuff from their business cuz we get a discount, but I SURE cannot afford to buy ANYTHING when I only get 5 hours a week!

Later for this place. I have YET to buy anything from them, and I'm NOT going to!

I could work at McD's, get better pay and more hours and not put up with their BS!

Plus too, we have a worker that likes to make disparaging remarks about some of the customers. I mean, REALLY RUDE things, and I find that really, um.. unpleasant to say the least to have to be around, and hear what he says.


I guess cuz he's only 20 something, the boss thinks it's COOL for him to get away with!

Whatever.. I know this is violating the Company's policies.. but the bosses never seem to say anything about this! Meanwhile, I'm doing EVERYTHING I'm supposed to do and getting NOTHING for pay and NADA for hours.

And then I cannot even work my other job, cuz they always schedule me on the times I need to do my other job!

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Right now it's not giving me stress YET! But it's also not giving me an option to take my other job IF they have jobs to do!

Now, I'm sure SOON I'll have a schedule conflict with the better paying weekend job, but I'll have been signed up for the other min. wage job!


then I'm either going to have to just NOT go into the min. wage job and leave them in the lurch, OR not take my good paying job (which I DO have the choose whether to take their jobs or not) but THEN I won't be able to pay my bills!

Yeah.. I'm just SO discouraged at this point. Last week, they brought out ALL the applicants to the Min. Wage job.. There was a STACK of them!

Whatever. who the hell can survive on 5 hours a week at min. wage?


I think they are being very inconsiderate and unrealistic to expect me to only be working 5 hours a week! I did NOT like the way the head boss talked to me yesterday.. like I was supposed To EXPECT only 5 hours a week.


They NEVER told us that our hours would be that low, yet they keep HIRING more P-T people!

I've never in my life seen a CO that worked this way! Man, I'm very surprised since I have been a customer of their co. for years.

I think about this is over, I won't even GO INTO their place of business.

Wish me luck.. it's sad, cuz I rather like my job.. but I simply cannot work for peanuts, and then only a few hours a week.

How do they even expect me to pay for GAS to come into work, let alone living expenses?



What should I say to the boss? I don't want to quit, as I don't have a REGULAR back-up PT job.. I have my other job, but lately we are not getting that many assignments.

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OK... You state you aren't stressed, yet your post OOZES stress.


First of all, a company doesn't exist to cater to its employees. It's sole purpose is to make money. Now, some companies are pretty underhanded in how they do it, and it seems that you're working for one. However, it doesn't matter how much you complain about it, it's not going to change the fact that the company is going to continue its current practice of hiring part time help.


You have two choices. Stick around and cowboy up, or quit.

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Yeah, does my post OOZE stress? that's cuz I'm having great deal of difficulty paying my bills.


You are so right retired! Another thing is... they simply don't really CARE when or IF we take breaks if we work 5 hour shifts... Course it's state law, they have to give us one.. but if they INSIST on giving you only 4 hour shifts, which they have done TWICE this week, then that's more gas I'm spending to get there. TWICE instead of an 8 hour day.

Well, maybe good I'm finding this out sooner rather than later. I supposed IF you did not really NEED a job, this would be the job to take.


I'm not in that position. Your post is a bit harsh, but very true... I need to take that time I have off to FIND A NEW JOB!

This is BS! I was just wondering WHY the boss was so hostile to me yesterday when I talked to her.

Another girl offered me her hours last week, but then she was not quite sure she really needed to give them away, and never called me back, like she said she would to confirm I needed to come in! She did insist on getting my phone no. though, so there was no excuse why she couldn't have contacted me.


I'm just bummed out this has worked out this way. I do like the job itself.. I just don't like the limited hours and lousy pay!

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I just don't GET why a co. would want to bother hiring ALL those part-time people. we must have like 15 PT people in our work and only 3 FT people! This is a weird co.


And yet, don't they have to pay to do background checks, etc when they hire us??


They sure didn't bother training me well, so that figures... It just seems we are easily expandible but at MIN. WAGE, it's not like I cannot find another lousy paying job!

I sure bet I could get MORE hours than just 5-10!!!!

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Yeah, PT people don't get benefits, you're right and they keep HIRING new people, only to give them 10 hrs a week~

Plus they sure didn't really bother to TRAIN me! What kind of co. does that?


None I have ever been with, they will train you at least the first week. This one, they just sort of threw you in there and told you what you needed to do, sort of "on the fly".

well, today I went in and didn't know how to do something. The manager looked at me like, "oh, why not?".

Cuz, LADY, you never BOTHERED to properly train me & I come in only ONCE a week!


Love this forum and thread. I can use it to vent. Yeah, I was supposed to get 10 hours week and they cut me back to FOUR hours, so yesterday I went to look for another job and supposedly I start this weekend!


I may NOT keep it, as its sales on on commission only, so if I do NOT make the sales, I'll not be making NADA, but... the sales staff seemed relatively happy when I went up there, so I pretty much SUSPECT they ain't doing so bad!


Then, I get to tell the other job, to either pound sand, or Iget to choose my hours, what little i get!


well, what do they expect? that I can LIVE off a 4 hour job that pays min. wage?


Just WHAT are they smoking? Cuz I want SOME of THAT stuff!! roftlol....


no. they are a bunch of jerks there. I went in there today and the male manager was so snotty and ill-mannered to me, it was hell working with him. I don't really respect this guy anymore to be honest. At first I thought he was a cool guy to work for, but lately, I'm definitely having 2nd thoughts.


Also, the male supervisor has made quite a few disrespectful comments about women while we are at work.


He supervisors young teens I guess in his time off for some college related thing and he's made a few a really "inappropriate" comments about this one girl, he supervises, her dating habits..

I'm embarassed to even say what he told us, but let's just say it was none of his business to discuss her sex life with us, and even more so.. rather "back-stabbing" of him to do so at work! She came into our place of business to visit with her and her friends and I'm sure if she knew what he had told us, she'd be equally embarassed and ashamed too.

After that episode with him at work, I've sort of figured he's not a very nice person, though he seemed VERY nice at first.



I was kinda glad when the other employees finally showed up.. but honestly.. I just don't know what is going on. The sales seemed to be very slack.... so maybe the corp. is getting on their case and they are stressed out from that.....

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It doesn't sound like your happy. If you don't like working there then quit and keep your eyes open. I used to be in your situation and work at a grocery store (not too long ago). They promised to give me more than 24 hours AT the interview. Guess what? They cut it to 16 hours! I also had bills to pay because I graduated college with student loans and a mother who is handicapped and could not work. I talked to the manager and argued that this was not apart of the agreement we had at the job interview. His response? "Sorry it's the economy."


The company you work for doesn't give a about you. Leave it. You're a college kid looking for work, and they take advantage of that. They care more about their own success than someone else's bills. Unfortunately that's the real world for you. Look into applying at other businesses with a better reputation. I highly recommend Costco for the benefits (health care and dental being SUPER cheap and every Sunday employees get time and a half pay). They pay extremely well! I worked for them for a long time and absolutely loved it there! I miss it a lot.

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THANKS Kumatora.. like your icon there also!


Yeah. they don't give a crap about there!


I have worked 4 hours every other week at this place! If you read my other posts, it forced me to accept a job on commission ONLY in which i didn't get paid at all!


Yesterday I went to work and was verbally intimidated in a very threatening and hostile manner by a new employee, right IN FRONT OF THE ASST MANAGER.


I talked to a girl, I'd worked with there before, and she said she was takign a vacation in the next couple weeks and needed to ask for time off.


I told her I'd take her hours, if she needed to.


We can do that at our job.


I also meantioned that to the asst manager.


I was standing at the cash registar and putting away things for our business, when our asst manager, and this new employee, whom I had only met that very day, come up and starting to do somethign on the computer.


I mean, I was ALREADY THERE WHERE I WAS STANDING for the past 15 minutes, as we had alot of customers.

I was just standing there, watching the asst manager when suddenly, the new employee, this BIG black girl, who weighs about 200 lbs, says to me in this extremely hostile voice. "What are you doing getting all up in my personal BUSINESS??" in this really hateful tone of voice to me.

I was shocked and extremely offended. I mean, I had been friendly to her for HOURS before she comes out with that crack and I wasn't doing anything wrong.


I mean, really, we don't really have anything personal we input in front of our other fellow employees on the computers. We get a code to sign in, but it's not our s.s.# or anything personal like that!


She also said that, when the asst. mgr was standing right next to her, but did the asst manager, say anything to her, like "don't talk to your fellow employee like that!"

Nope? she said nothing, therefore not sticking up for me at all, even though I've been there for months longer than she has, and have not missed ONE DAY at work, nor been late ONCE.


Also.. it sort of seemed she was giving away the hours that I had just asked for a few minutes before.


IF, the asst manager, didn't want me there, she could of easily said something to me!

There ARE times when we are expected to not be near the registars, like when they are counting up the til.


I ended up talking to the head mgr, but I'm contemplating now, calling the head office, as I'm AFRAID to work with that big black girl anymore.


If she's going to be THAT hostile over something as insignificant as doing something on the computer IN FRONT OF THE ASST MGR... what is she going to be like to me in the back room or if we happened to be in rest room together!


She's freaked me out! NO ONE in that store, and we have many employees I've worked with before, has EVER EVER run their mouth off to me, especially over such an insignificant thing....

I mean, I'm aghast at this whole situation. I'm literally given only 10 hours a flipping month and now I'm supposed to take verbal abuse from a brand new employee to boot!


I'm almost feel like I got grounds for a lawsuit here.


I just found out this older worker, whom they JUST hired a few weeks ago, now gets 30 hours a week!


Gosh, I got TWO college degrees and I'm only getting 10 hours a month!


I think I need to speak to a lawyer! This sounds like discrimination to me here....


I'm constantly being treated like dirt at this job.. the stupid gay manager.. we had a young girl in our place of business yesterday.. I swear she looked like she was going to give birth any day now. she MUST have been at least 9 month pregnant.. and the stupid gay manager, he's a guy, makes this crack, like, "Oh, I wouldn't want to have to put up with THAT!"... like she's so fat or something.


I mean, how disrespectful to women is that??? Alot of our clientelle ARE women, so he's got some nerve, but he's made ALOT of rude comments about women while he was working, so nothing he says surprises me anymore...

He's NEVER friendly to me hardly.. though he's got all these favorites who also say really inappropriate stuff at work, he treats with kid gloves.


I went and bought some stuff at our place last week, but I'm going to take it all back.


Later for it! They are going to treat me like crap.. they sure aren't going to get MY business!


I've had enough of their garbage... It seems I could of gotten a job SOMEWHERE that would of given me at least 15 hours a week, not 8 hours every months!!

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And yet you are still there nearly 2 months later. Good grief, why are you still taking the abuse for $35? Just quit! It's obvious they don't care and that will not change. Go find something else or just enjoy yourself for the few hours a week you would have been working there.

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