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Side effects from Depo??


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Hey ladies,

I am on the pill right now but I was thinking about switching to Depo. Unfortunately, I have heard a lot of horror stories about side effects from Depo - gaining weight, severe mood swings, etc.


Anyone have any experiences like that??

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Don't do it. I hate taking the pill because I was very inconsistent with it. I tried the Depo and continued to spot through out the month for the next six months. I didn't gain weight though. Also it messed with me in the moisture part too. Horrible. I got off and it took almost another 6 months to get normal.


I'm currently on the Nuva Ring. LOVE IT!! I take it out every 3 weeks then insert a new one in a week later. My ex never noticed it. Sometimes it would come out, but you are safe as long as it hasn't been out for longer then 3 hours prior to intercourse.

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Do not do depo! I got one shot and gained like 20 pounds, as did most of my friends who tried it, should have listened... It also made me have MAJOR mood swings, but everyone's side effects are different. The only thing i've noticed that everyone gets is a lot of weight gain.


I switched to implanon (the 3 year implant) after the first shot, and i am still having a hard time losing the 20 pounds from being on the shot for 3 months. I like the implant, and I don't have to keep going to the doctor every month or every 3 months like other birth controls. And I haven't had a period in over a year, yay! Although that's probably why I'm having trouble losing weight.

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