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Ahhh! what a relief =]


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i finally ended up my relationship with my boyfriend, and i'm actually so relief from it. We had way too many trust issues getting in the way and i just got tired of it all.


It does not mean that i wont miss him, but its weird how im so happy and stress free!


just wanted to let it out

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trust issues are vital of course, would like to hear more detail...


dumpers on here don't always get much empathy...sometimes, note i said sometimes!, we're villafied as selfish, blind, immature, irrational, and not deserving of 'someone great'... true there are many cases where the dumper was either a cheater, emotionally abusive, drug addict, or an all around bad person...


but in other cases where the relationship has run its course, and there were problems, such as trust....things just aren't meant to go the distance.


i'm sure you thought about the breakup for awhile before pulling the trigger on it...it takes alot of guts to do that...so, as long as you went with what your gut and your heart told you...you did the right thing.


just hope you did it in a respectful, clear, unattacking manner.


of course you will miss him! it's natural. when you're with someone for an extended period you'll miss the daily phone/text/email, hanging out a few nights a week/weekends, sex, companionship...all the good things about a relationship.


but in the end, it wasn't what you wanted, or could live with...be well...and remember, it's a loss, grieve it as such.

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