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Not upset, just amused!


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For once, I'm listening to warning signs before getting involved with someone. I dunno what this guy's problem is, but get this :


- I go out for drinks with some friends of mine back in November. A friend introduces me to the dating guy. We talk briefly, not about anything profound, and we hang out in the group for the rest of the night.


- We add each other on myspace the next day, as I did with the other new people I met that night, no biggie.


- Over two months later, dating guy asks me for Msn (this is completely out of the blue, we hadn't spoken since the night we met. I accept and we chat for a few days. He flirts, admires my profile pic and says we have to hang out again soon.


- He then asks for my phone number, but never texts.


- After a month later, he gives me his number. I don't text as I'm getting inconsistent vibes from him.


- A while after this, I see him walking around the city. So I just give him a casual text saying ''haha, I just saw you there''. He texts me for the rest of the evening with really intense stuff, saying ''I haven;t seen you in MONTHS!'' (I felt like saying , '' * * * , you've only met me once!'') then he went on to say ''we gotta hang out again, when suits you, tell me asap, we need to make plans darlin'!''


- We arrange a day to have lunch a week in advance.


- He texts the day before saying he can't make it as he has too much study to do but he wants to rearrange for next week. Haven't heard from him since


Also, two close male friends of mine - who would be VERY kind and tolerant people and who ususally never criticise others - both independently warned me about how the aforementioned guy is overly intense and has a weird temper. Weird, eh?



As I said, I'm not upset over his behaviour, I'm just intrigued if anyone has any insights. And I'm damn proud of myself for not just giving him the benefit of the doubt and being dragged along in the process.

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Don't bother with him I once almost dated a guy who was very intense at first, then suddenly couldn't text or meetup because he had to study... it was the first time someone had strung me along like that so I was quite upset and confused at first, but I did learn from it: if a guy is really interested in seeing you then he will see you, no one is so busy that they can't make plans for one evening!


I'd cut your losses and forget about him, especially if other people have warned you about him.

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He could just be really shy, I had a guy do this with me once, and eventually we hung out but he gave me mixed signals the whole time. And then, without making further plans with me for a month, began texting to me that I was perfect and he really saw himself dating me, and he was sorry for the lack of contact but he was just really shy and not used to asking girls out. And when I told him I wasn't interested (because his lack of communication threw me off and I'd moved on to someone new) he was REALLY upset.


But, it sounds more like this guy's just playing around. Either way, if this is how he's acting now he wouldn't be much better if you were dating him. Find a new guy to pursue.

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Darlin? Weak. He has no game.


Maybe he was drunk when you saw him. he sounds like a total freak.


And with a bad temper? Thumbs down from SF


He doesn't drink, actually, for health reasons. I have the utmost respect for those who don't drink, but I guess this strong anti-alcohol sentiment just contributes to his general intense nature?

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