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This is so frusterating!

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I'm taking an AP stats class this year and the teacher is a complete moron! He's always texting during class, laying down (yes, he has a couch in his room) or eating. The list of things he does that could get him fired go on and on, yet no one says anything cause we all love having an easy and relaxed class (me included!).


But when it comes to the actual lessons, me and my friend are the only ones who even attempt to learn the material and we always end up getting horrible grades, while everyone else just cheats and gets A's.


What's more frusterating is that I'm sure he knows it's happening! Most of the girls in my class (the really flirty and gets-everything-they-want type) take complete advantage of him but flirting and distracting him while another will actually go behind his desk to get answers for a test or even change there grade in the computer. I find it very hard to believe that he could be that stupid and blindsighted to what's going on but that must be the case.


I really want to mention something to the administration but it seems almost too late to make a difference I'm just sick and tired of my grades sucking because I'm the only honest one in the class who actually tries to learn. Aaahhh its not fair!


What do you think? Should I say something? Or just let it go?

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The lowest mark I got in grad school was in this class financial economics. All of our exams were take home and the class average was A+, surprise, surprise. This was in a program where class averages were about 35% before curving up. Well, I figured I'd gotten this far without cheating and I wasn't about to start now so I ended up with the lowest mark in the class.


I don't regret a thing. It feels good to know you can do it, regardless of what others do.


I did, however, speak with the chair of the department, who agreed that the prof messed up.

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I'm a Calculus instructor at a community college. And I'll tell you right now that his sort of habits and behavior are not acceptable. I've dealt with students that try so hard to have it their way, but I simply told them "You guys have to grasp this material through my methods, since those are the only ones I trust. Just apply yourself."


However, that doesn't seem to be the case here. Talk to an adminstrator or another teacher you trust. You're right, it's not fair that you're failing because of your honesty to get the work done RIGHT. Either confront him about it, or tell a principal about his behavior/slacking off. It's an AP Class, there shouldn't be an excuses.


It's never too late to tell someone about it, you don't have hardworking, honest students (such as yourself) to suffer in the future, don't you?


If hardly anyone puts in the effort, then it shouldn't be called an AP class at all. Make an effort to change his ways.

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Idk if it makes a difference or not that this is a highschool course, not college. It doesn't seem like it would make a difference cause his behavior shouldn't be acceptable in either!


I just can't explain how frusterated it makes me to have my grade (and I'm a straight A student and always have been) be so low when everyone else just cheats to get the good grades!


I would never sink that low and cheat but it's crossed my mind a few times, especially when he makes it so easy to get away with. I just think an A isn't worth my guilty conscience... I mean I've already been accepted into my college, so if I get a C then whatever... At least I know I'm not a cheater

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