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So long and goodbye

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So long and goodbye,

My Heart has gone,

So long and goodbye,

My true friend.


So long my friend,

Always know,

You mean so much,

Too much to me.


So long Butterfly*,

It was nice to be here,

But now it is time,

For the final goodbye.


So long Solstice,

I am sorry I hurt you,

My beautiful girl,

So long and rest well.


So long to the Internet,

You helped and now none,

I fell into your trap,

And now I escape.


So long Sunset,

I will miss seeing,

Your rays red,

Over the sea.


So long mornings,

Your long hours,

No longer

Will I need you.


So long....And goodbye....

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Certain wounds cannot be healed even with time... but they do get better & then they leave a scar there for you to learn. What matters is how you take it in your stride because that no one can do it for you.


Whatever happens, don't do anything silly against your life. That would be then really stupid.

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The thing is: in this real world, no one wants to partake of another person's sorrows. They partake in anything that is fun or happy... they even sometimes take that happiness for themsleves... but sorrows, they are yours alone...


So it is important to know how to handle it in your own stride

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