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lost and empty


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i feel really lost. really empty. it has been 13 months since the breakup, and all of a sudden it feels like it is day 1. all this time i was never really happy even though i tried, and i missed her like crazy, yet i put up a strong front to everyone, even keep telling myself its ok, trying to convince myself that it is going to alright.


i think it is so hilarious. 20 over years i have never live with this girl until i met her. i thought it is no big a deal to readjust. been with her less than a year and i cant get over her the past 13 months.


i just feel horrible again... i need her so badly.. so badly... all these emotions are to much for me... i missed her telling me it is ok...missed her in my arms.. i missed protecting her, bringing her drinks and making sure she eats her dinner. i misses her...

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Hi wtm78,


What you need to do is stop putting up a strong front. It is good to tell yourself you are over it, but do not lie to yourself. Accept the feelings, let them pass, and move on. Each day is a factory of open windows to step through and change things around, it is just based on how far you are willing to push yourself.


You don't need her. You just miss the company of her, and you miss the role of alpha male around her. Get her out of your mind for ONE day, and go and meet someone new. One day is all it takes to meet a new girl, and you will forget about the ex, and regain those feelings with a new start.


Good luck, and you aren't alone.

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