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How do you know if you're ready to enter a relationship?


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I've been trying hard to keep my spirits up after falling down dozens of times (but always standing right back up) over the years, but I'm beginning to wonder if we ever know when we're ready to enter an intimate relationship with someone. Is there ever a time when you think you're "ready"? I'm 22, don't have the money yet to live in my own apartment (living with the parents), don't drive, not into a lot of interests that many of my peers are into, go to a small college (in a big city), can't afford to spend tons of money on food/drinks, and so much of my attention has to be on school/career studies. The very little time I do have to socialize is just to network with people and slowly make a friend every now and then.


I used to not be a humorous person, but as I've put myself more in social situations, I've become more natural at being funny. Not in the tell a joke way, just playing on words to tease/play around with young women I meet.


On the flip side, I'm generally a very serious person who is focused on my own life. For the longest time, though, the serious side of me has been perfectly fine with being single. However, I find myself recently feeling lonelier than usual, like there is a dynamic that is missing in my life.


I don't know, just wanted to write this out.

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