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The American Health Care system sucks!

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Almost 4 years ago, my father had open heart surgery, double bypass and a mechanical valve put in place of his faulty one. He did okay for these few years, but he has developed some complications again. They think he has another blockage, his heart is beating too slow, and he has constant chest congestion.


So his cardiologist sends him back to the heart hospital for another test, that will possibly result in him getting a pacemaker tomorrow. So, I go with him today to check into the hospital. Because he has outstanding debt they were not going to admit him. My father could very well possibly be dying and they won't accept him because he has a outstanding balance of $750. He essentially had to depleat his savings, and promise to pay more each month before they would even speak to the CFO of the hospital to see if he/she would make an exception. In the end, he is in, resting somewhat uncomfortably and awaiting a small procedure tomorrow.


UGH! When will the US catch up with the rest of civilization and realize we need a better health care system.


Sorry, just venting. Thanks for reading if you got this far.

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