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i feel like shes playing mind games with me...

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Like i said in other threads, im in a Long distance Relationship with this one girl in Dominican Republic. I called her up yesterday and she said she wanted to be more serious about the relationship and we talked about it etc.


Well the conversation went all the way too like 12am, and she just hung up or something, i called her up again and her sister answered in a rude manner "please call her back tomorrow" and "click"


That really got me upset, i thought to myself "she could at least have said bye, or i gota go " but instead her sister came on and basically told me to buzz off


Anyways i called her again today demanding an explanation, but she wouldnt give me one, all she would say is "ill tell you later"


Or when i would bring it up she would ignore me and change the topic, i asked her again and she was like "just forget ok" in a rude tone.. i wanted to be rude back but i thought to myself "is this worth it ???


I really like this girl, and i tell her stuff about me, and i try not to hide stuff, only private things..and she wont put the effort to tell me anything, i feel like im wasting my time, she told me to call her back again later tonight

but im thinking about it.


I Feel like demanding another explanation and tell her that if shes not serious with me, im just gonna walk away...


she online right now, and i dont know what to tell her.....


should i forget her? should i ask her? let it slide?, man im confused

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