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I wanted to hear some peoples opinion on this matter. I am a guy and wanted to know what you thought of a male reading the twilight series. My sister in law recomended it to me and I thought I'de give it a chance. I've really enjoyed it so far.


I know it doesn't matter what others think of you but I was just curious if anyone thinks it weird that a guy was enjoying this series.

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I don't think Twilight should even be considered vampire culture or let alone a vampire novel. Which Stephenie Meyer said it wasn't, it was just a coincidence that Edward was a vampire. But people still wanna call it a vampire novel. Girls arent in love with Edward because he's a vampire, they're in love with him because he's "prince charming".


And OP to answer your question, no I don't think its weird. Maybe you're a romantic at heart, theres nothing wrong with that.

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I think the whole saga is fantastic, and some girlfriends and I were discussing this just yesterday, how although it seems to be the "Romeo and Juliet" of our generation, the whole saga is written in a way that is captivating and accross the board, we all range from age 25 to 40 and we are all reading or having read it... I think that its great that guys are reading it and haven't been put off by the romance aspect!


As for the vampire culture thing, in my opinion its not about that at all, we l love a little paranormal once in a while, and the mystery and passion that has surrounded the vamipre image for hundreds of years just added to the story... and crushing on Edward is certainly about the intensity of his love for Bella, I suppose most of us hope for love so perfect that we could overlook something as big as him being a vampire!


Go for it, more guys should read it!

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...I have yet to understand the appeal of these books. Yet I've read 'em all...

And my little brother enjoys them more than I. So, in regards to your actual post: I've watched about 5 grown men pull this book out, and on a bus/train, quite a few more. Nothing odd about it. Read what you will, man, as long as you read!

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I'm a male and just started reading the Twilight series. I'm halfway through the first book, and really enjoying it.


So, it's not a masterpiece...so what? The books are entertaining, and that's all that matters.


I also don't think it's gay to like Twilight. But what do I know? I like a lot of 'gay music', and I'm straight.

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Being a fan of Twilight in general is weird to me. I wouldn't consider it a piece of literature at all, more like post menopausal literotica centering a pretty pasty "vampire" who is just so awesome who comes to the rescue of the self esteem of some girl. But honestly your friends shouldn't rag you about it. Everyone sees appeal in something, and should be considerate when other's can't. As far as anyone who calls you gay over it, use Bella's words and say "bite me".

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