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  1. i dont know if its my intention to run to sex, i just happen to feel very sexually excited when im furious.
  2. Wow, I learn something new everyday, that makes so much sense. Yeah I RARELY ever get really angry and when I do I never really take it out. You won't even be able to tell, I'll be my usual self, only a bit quieter but if you get too close...I might pull you in and make out with you. LOL just kidding, well not really, I did it before, but you get what I mean. It's like when I'm that angry, all I wanna do is have sex. And not just any kind of sex, I want dirty, rough, angry sex. Feels so good. Do you think I have a problem?
  3. This has happened to me on quite a few occasions. I rarely ever get really angry but when I do, I become aroused. What is this madness? Its really annoying because I'll be pissed and then out of nowhere, bam! I'm turned on. Still pissed off though, but now I'm horny AND pissed. Great. Oh and having angry sex after that is like the best thing ever by the way. Anywho, has this ever happened to you guys?
  4. Wayfara, like many others I have read this thread from beginning to end and I feel like I'm reading a novel. I've just become so invested in your story that I think about it when I'm at work, in the shower, at the store, etc. Anyways, I think that E reallly does feel for you and I think that her body does want you sexually but her brain doesn't. So everytime her body acts on it and she gets carried away her brain comes back in and tells her its "bad" and "disgusting". And thats probably because of her upbringing, the influence her mother had on her, etc. But just remember, that even with a
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