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A Few I did, just writing...

What now

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Time heals all

Or so I have heard

Does it heal hearts

Does it heal the hurt

Does it forgive

Does it forget

Or does it only heal what wants to be healed?

Does it leave out those things you want to hold on to?

The betrayal

The pain

The anguish

The memories

Does it heal all or just what you want it to?

Does time really heal all wounds?




I sit here wondering where it went wrong

What did I do? What did I say?

What made him pull away?

What made my love hurt so much

That even the thought of love burns to the touch

If only I had, if only I hadn't

Doesn't matter

I live for the day

He forgives

I live for the day

He loves me again

How does love turn to hate

Does hate disolve back into love

I feel so closed

So pushed

So much pain




Faith is the one thing I hold to

Faith in love

Faith in life

Faith in GOD above

Faith that I wasn't led this far to fail

Faith that I wasn't pushed this far to have to start over

Faith that when all is said and done we will be stronger

Love is giving, kind, forgiving, understanding

Love can be tested

What if love fails?

Then was it love to start with?

Hope is eternal

Hope for a new day

Hope for a new beginning

Hope for forgivness

Hope for continuing love

Faith, Hope, and Love

The greatest will always be Love

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