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i met this guy in a club and i dont know what he is interested in.can someone please help me out


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first off id like to say i am very well put together.


I just happen to have some self respect and i NEVER said he had to have money,i just didn't want him to take me to some park at night time in the middle of nowhere the very first time we met up,because i'd like to know there are people around to help me if he is crazy.


And i am only young and i don't have alot of experience with guys and dating ok.i'm not saying i'm 15 but i am 22. i wouldn't care if he'd want to meet at a beach or something.it NEVER had to cost money.


and excuse me but i think we've all had feelings at some point for someone who wasnt right and its not easy to overcome.


i am far from high maitenance.........just for the record.




But you told him not to call you until he had money to take you out. Quote: "i said no,ill wait for him to have money to take me out."


There were many other responses to his offer that didn't need to include that (to me, rude and presumptuous) comment - of course you didn't have to meet him at a park at night but you could have asked to do a picnic during the day or meet at a museum or a mall and walk and talk, yes?

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