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watched a movie: Ambition to meaning


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Hello all,

This is more of a comment. I went to watch a movie (sort of) by Dr. Wayne Dyer. The name is "Ambition to meaning". I remember some people wrote on this forum 'they don't know where they are headed in life, what to pursue, they feel lost'. They may find some help with this movie.

This movie is advertised for people who are in their mid-life. I honestly don't know what mid-life age is these days. LOL. People are getting married in 40s, having family in mid-40s, etc. That should be still young phase of life then. But okay... I was the only one who looked young. Everyone was in their 50s. They looked at me like 'what are you here for?' LOL.

But I really liked the parts of the movie where Dr. D talks n shares things. The other parts are just stories of other characters.

I'm in my 30s and may be I'm going thr mid-life crisis too soon but I could associate with some of the things he says there.

He mentions top 4 areas of focus for men n women and how that focus shifts in mid-life. I don't remember all areas but for women, he says 'forgiving, finding a purpose to life, spirituality become more important.' He says 'you prepare yourself to get what you want and then surrender. Let go. Whatever it is that you believe in whether its GOD or DOU, he knows when you want it, when you are ready for it. Trust, believe that it will be presented to you when He desires you to have it. You don't have to push so hard.' Very powerful! This was my 1st time. I haven't read Dr. D before. But now I'll look up his books.

Just felt like sharing this with everyone.

Do your best and turn it over to God, if its meant for you in this particular time, it will come to you, if not, either you are gonna get something different or you will get the same thing later. Not to sweat. Just enjoy the journey.

Thank you and God bless!

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