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Business.Woman. Not returning calls?

top bloke

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Hi all. Once again as I post I thank you all in advance. While Ive learnt alot here I have one business customer whos behaviour I cant seem to overall understand. I do her companies work as a contractor and she is my first point of contact. Every time she calls me to book work she is courteous friendly and more often in stitches from me saying something funny on some occasions.

Everytime I see her in person she is very pleasant and cracks a smile from ear to ear when we talk. She looks like a geuine person.


She is a married lady with kids and respect her for what she is. The thing that I find strange is that even though she only started with her company 2 months ago she has never returned my phone call.


I have never seen this in all my years of business. When I physically see her after leaving my message (without a call back) she sheepishly says..oh sorry topbloke in a gutral voice like she means it. I feel she is trying to flirt her way out of it and actually as she is very good looking.I think she must use her looks to get what she wants. Still looks mean jack to me as far as this goes. I ask how she is and replies ultra busy with piled on work.I think that they are piling on alot of work to her. Despite this it gets a little frustrating that my calls do not get returned when they go to message bank. I dont let my frustration show and just put on a smile and tell her that I understand she is busy.What else can I do. I upset her I lose the business .

I have rung her sometimes and got her on the phone to get things done and when I ask politely how things are going she will reply very busy and shes got deadlines.


It is confusing to me? In person she treats me like I am a friend and thanks me several times for my great customer service. She always gives me a huge warm smile before going to her office.


Just never returns business calls.


Flirting her way out of her poor behaviour in a girly manner looking at me with a lower gaze like a kid in trouble and talking in a softer voice with a coy look up at me..


Always states she is so busy absorbed concentrating on important paperwork.


Normally I follow up calls .Yesterday I rang ..left a message and did not follow up. It is getting tiring..


What do you guys/girls think? Is she just an idiot as I might suspect or am I not worthy of the respect of a phone call? Is she playing some type of game? I like their company and have had them as client for years but I want to keep a good attitude about this.


Any help comments appreciated on how to approach this or am I treating it the right way?

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Yes...very odd. I've never understood that sort of thing either.


If I didn't return phone calls, I'd look inconsiderate and unprofessional...but seems like some people can get away with it unscathed.


She doesn't call you back, yet doesn't have to worry and has the upper hand because she knows you need to talk to her and will always try again.


There are a few people I've had to "stalk" to get what I need, even when it's something we're working on together...it makes me feel like they find me unimportant, because when something is a priority for me, I make sure it gets done. But then, maybe some people just aren't like that.


I can't stand people who play the whole "Oh, I'm sooooo busy" card on that, either. What, like we're not? Yes, clearly I'm just sitting around playing solitaire, waiting until it's appropriate to try calling YOU again.


Case in point:


I do PR for a school district, and I was trying to set up a time for a group of our students to go over to one of our retirement communities and play bingo. The woman I spoke with over there sounded very excited, saying this will be a great opportunity for them as well as for us, yada yada.


Back and forth a bit, then she just dropped off the face of the earth when it came time to confirm a date (and the teacher needed to reserve a bus). I e-mailed her and called her two days in a row...nothing. I left on holiday break, and when I came back, there was an e-mail from her, dated about 4 days after I tried to get a hold of her, saying "Where are we on this? Please call my cell at ***."


I called her cell, she answered and said "yes! I should be able to have an answer for you in a couple of hours." FOUR DAYS go by again. I call--her phone rings, and rings, and rings. I wait 5 hours, then call again. She answers, and she's eating a sandwhich--"OH, I barely have time to eat lunch. Yes, that date will work. By the way, did you try to call this morning?" Errrr....what? If you have caller ID and saw that I had tried to reach you, might you not want to....oh, I don't know....call me back?!?!?!


Then goes on again about what a great opportunity it is for us to work together. I DON'T understand some people.


Rant over...clearly I sympathize!!!

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Good replies.. I was feeling the same way. What can i do to equalise this? I feel a bit alienated and then very welcome face to face. These is only one way to play this game...there is only one way to win...keep my feelings more hidden. Keep my manly reserve in my heart and collect the money

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Yes it does seem she is playing the power game ... I guess i have to play.. I want to keep some self respect here but this situation calls for the ninja creed to win at all costs. My family depends on me and if i blow it ..i will feel as if i let them down. I will put up with it and win.

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