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very confusing yet interesting dating situation...pleaseee help!!!??


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I 18 years old and in college. for about 2 months now i have been talking to this guy who is a year older than me. he is not a jerk at all, and we have ver similiar qualities. i hang out with him and all his guy friends allthe time, and they love me. im always over their appartment. about 2 months ago, he took me out to dinner with his other friend and his girlfriend..as a double date? he paid for me and the night ended with the first time kissing between us after we talked a little bit. ever since then(about 2 months now) we have hooked up plenty of times. i go to their appartment sometimes to hang out and would just sleep there. the first times i slept there..the first 4 or 5 times we would kiss and he would feel my boobs. thats as far as it went though. he would also sleep with his arms wrapped around me..or our hands and fingers locked together. he is very VERY shy with girls. he finally did put his arm around me when me him and his friends were watching a movie. after all of this holding me and hooking up and whatever was going on for a little bit..he stopped. some of his friends have tlked to him and they come back and tell me everything. they say that he really really likes me. i also know though that he said he is notlooking for a relationship right now...which i completely understand. my concern was if he really likes me and his feelings r the same as that first date..why did he stop kissing me and putting his arms around me and whatnot. i still sleepover all the tiem and he hasnt put his arms around me in a whileeee while in bed. even so, i do know that he is very very shy. ialso know that he is a virgin! so am i ! lol..he knwos that i am...but he thinks i dont know that he is. he has told his friends that hes saving it for the right girl. all of his friends wonder what hes doing. they have no clue about allof the hooking up stuff stopping like any of that. but he is very very shy/weird like in fornt of people in person. so his friends will ask why doesnt he try to talk to me more. it is a very weird situation and im just wondering why all of the stuff that he use to do stopped, yet he still really likes me.. please helppp!! offer as much input as possible! thank you everyone:sad:

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