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A question about too much contact....


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Well, I've been very good at contacting guys too much in the past, and eventually scaring them off with clingyness. I've got to a point where I've realised I have to cool it or I might never keep a fish! But, I'm getting to know a guy and I need to ask this. We've only known each other a very short while, and we're talking a lot. It's actually been him starting the contact which makes a change. I don't know if we're gonna go anywhere at all, because it's early early days, but I just don't want to mess things up incase, and it's good to know in the future. I'm just a little worried that if I keep the contact up for too long he will end up bored, even if he's the one starting the contact. Should I kind of try and make it less anyway?

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Just sit back and let him do the chasing....and if he likes ya, he will


Be elusive and retain some mystery for goodness sakes!!! LOL


Not too elusive however....or he may think you aren't interested.


I generally let the guy pursue me in the beginning....I don't start calling/texting him, till hes proven he has a genuine interest. Even then, I let him do most of the calling/texting. I'm reciprocating my interest, everytime I pick up and answer his texts and once in a while, I will call or text.

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