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:( court tomorrow and no support


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soooo i have to go to court tomorrow to make a restraining order permanent against an abusive ex boyfriend. i made the mistake of talking to him for about a week in early october, and i wanted to just drop the charges. but of course my controlling parents wouldnt let me. these past couple days have been a real struggle for me, im so nervous i can barely eat, ive been having terrible nightmares, and i feel so by myself. my boyfriend is trying his best to help,but since im home for the holidays now, hes six hours away and there is not much he can do. just now i asked my mom to print out phone records to show times where my ex has called up to fourteen times, one right after the other. she began talking down to me, telling me i was going to look stupid because i had callled him first. yes i did call him first be he initiated conversation first over AIM. she kept on going, saying how i was going to look like a fool, pretty much made me even more worried and made me feel more alone i just dont know what to do and i wish i had more support from someone. i dont even want to do this and yet my parents are making me and theyre not supporting me whatsoever.

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