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I Miss Him.


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I've known a friend of mine for over six years, and over the years he became one of my very best friends. We have been through hell together, and he *was* one of the few people in this world who actually knew me and loved me all the same(in a strictly platonic way, of course). But then his girlfriend got between us. She was jealous, I guess. She had some insane idea that I was trying to steal him or something, and that I had romantic feelings for him. I most certainly do not; that boat has sailed. He was like a brother to me. She told him he couldn't see me anymore. He told me that he would never let her get in the way of our friendship, and that if she gave him an ultimatum kind of situation, he couldn't be with her anymore. One night, we were hanging out with another friend just eating pizza and whatnot at a restaurant, and she found out he was with me. She BROKE UP with him, over TEXTING. How ridiculous is that? He was upset, naturally, but he said that he was also a little bit relieved. I mean, he had told me numerous times before that he didn't really want to be in a relationship with her. Then, in August or September, after I got back from a summer drama program, I texted him, wanting to hang out. He texted me back, basically stating that he no longer could be friends with me, because I had said a lot of mean things about her. I just don't understand. He had said the same things I did. I guess he was just lying about valuing our friendship...?


I really miss him. I'm at a loss for ideas as to what I can do. Maybe there's no hope. I suppose this is more of just a vent, but any advice would be much appreciated.


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I am so sorry to hear of this. I could understand your sadness. But I could also understand why your friend's gf gave him an ultimatum.


It would be very hard for anyone to accept and understandin SO's friendship with an opposite sex. It's just what it is.


I think you should just accept this situation at hand and let your friend go. YOu will, of course, grieve the loss of this friendship, but there is really not much you can do but to let him go and move on.


I am sorry....

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I would tell him you're sad about his decision, but if he changes his mind someday you hope he'll give you a call.


I understand this isn't the ideal thing you really feel like saying right now, but it leaves the door open. Sometimes men do stupid things for love, including hurt their families. If you consider him to be your family, look at this through long-range vision instead of short term. You're likely to have the opportunity to blast him about being an idiot later on, and hopefully he'll be good natured enough to take it.


In your corner.

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He has a GF , respect that and move on. I mean what if the roles were reversed.


It was your BF who asked you to let go , then how would you feel. Plus you should never comment on a persons GF, wife etc.


It always reflects on the person, who is your friend and their BF or spouse. If it was me i would just move on .

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