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Career success stories, from bad students to hard worker w/ good career...


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I would love to hear some stories if anyone has any of people who were not very good students in the past, but made changes in their life and became successful. The reason i want to hear these is because I have always been such a lazy slacker, I know im a smart person and I know i could get good grades but i have never given any effort. I recently discovered that I think i want to be a pharamacist. Its a tough road, but I want to do it. I would love to hear about how some of you became successful or if you know stories of other people who have become successful. I guess i just need motivation that I could really do it. If i told my friends that I think i want to be a pharmacist they would probably just laugh so I would rather hear stories from you guys.



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I'm good in some courses and bad at others. I know exactly what needs to be done, but the habit just doesn't form. But I'm willing to share with you what I realized.


- break project into chunks (actually write it on a paper and set a date for each chunk)

- throughout the day, find a way to occupy yourself with the homework. (eg. write a piece of note to transition you to the homework if you ever get distracted by computer or something) (eg. talk about the homework with a friend to get yourself started)

- good night sleep, no caffeine, don't be down.


Good luck becoming a pharmacist.

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I'm in a career that I had no business being in due to my relatively low GPA in college. The real goal is to land that first job in the field you are going into and then gaining as much experience and knowledge as you possibly can. Let your experience speak for you. After a few years of solid experience, you can move into bigger and better jobs and the grades never even come up because they will be too focused on how stellar your work experience looks.


I also can't begin to stress enough just how important contacts are. I'm at my current job because I had a friend that strongly recommended me despite the fact that I had no experience or business interviewing for that job. I somehow landed it and it is now my career. I owe him a lot!

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if you find something that you love and can commit to (such as looking into a career path in pharmacy) then you have to stick to it!

you have to have faith in yourself, don't let go when the going gets tough, and strive to achieve your goals.

setting goals and achieving them makes people happy, and successful. if you want something, and know how to get it, don't you feel good once you've put in the hard work and succeeded, as opposed to trying, failing, and giving up - or trying but not your hardest?


if you tell your friends you want to be a pharmacist, and they laugh it off like you aren't serious - it's probably because they don't believe you! make them believe you, and when you've achieved that goal or started getting really serious about it, you can laugh back at them for not having faith in you.


try and rely on your own support. give yourself reason to try, and be motivated!

good luck!

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Me. Super bad grades in school. First year of university I only passed one subject... Moved to another city and found a group of supportive friends and good students.

I'm an engineer now. Work abroad and speak 3 languages.


It's in you. But also sometimes the environment drags you. Try to get surrounded with people who would help you with your goal. If all your friends prefer partying to studying, it'll be hard for you

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