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Romantic Advice for LDR and Help With One Issue

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What To Do If They Cheat - Do this First

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My girlfriend and I have been together for three years living only 5 min away from each other and now we've gone to college about 8 hours apart. I go to a military academy so it is difficult to see my gf but maybe once a month with the exception of long leaves in December and June. The first thing I wanted to ask is if y'all could give me some romantic ideas that I could do for my girlfriend from this far away to show her I care. I admit that I have written a poem or two, sent flowers on our anniversary each month, and we talk every single night. She wants to stick by me throughout all of this four years and I need to make sure that she knows how much I am happy I have her in my life. Any ideas?


The second thing I wanted to ask is this...this summer my gf and I want to take a little three or four day trip just the two of us to a beach resort area to have some time alone together. We are going to be 19 so I mean we can make decisions like this ourselves now...but my question is this...her parents won't necessarily approve of this in any way shape or form and even though they can't truly control what we do...I don't want to disrespect them and blow them off because they are like family to me after three plus years. How do we tell them once we've got our plans laid out that we want to go away together just for a few days without them getting upset? Any suggestions would be awesome. Thank you very much.

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my ex once made me a mix cd of all songs that reminded him of me, and as the cover booklet, he wrote the name of each song and why each one reminded him of me. it was really sweet. you could do something like that and send it to her dorm! or if you or someone you know has a video camera, you can video yourself showing her around your college and talking, then send her the dvd.


as far as the second part goes.. you might be surprised at how much more relaxed her parents will be with her after she's been away all year. they have no control over what she does on the weekends now, so it might even be comforting to know that in the summer she's with someone they know and trust instead of a bunch of frat boys or something.


but one thing you need to look into is the check-in age at the hotels. when my boyfriend and i went to miami, you needed to be 21 in order to check in at EVERY hotel we looked at. i'm only 20, so luckily he is older. but otherwise we wouldn't have had a place to stay.


also, in order to check in ANYWHERE, the person who's credit card the reservations were made on needs to be there. I used my credit card in Miami, so they checked it with my i.d. to make sure it was mine.

(So if neither of you have a credit card it might be a little difficult. Resorts and hotels don't let you pay in cash... some skeevy motels do but would you really want to stay there??)

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