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Shy People Behavior


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Recently I've been keeping a keen eye on this shy girl. And, I know the whole issue about how to find out whether that shy person is interested - so I thought I'd give some advise on the 'mix signals.'


This is experience from myself and girls I've seen/dated. These are probably the most difficult signals and most positive I've seen from shy people. Shy people may not use their verbal signals a lot or at all. But they sure do use their body language a whole lot.


They're BORED


What I've notice from human behavior, is that when someone is interested in something or someone but aren't acting on it or can't act on it, they become bored.


I've notice from shy girls and myself, that when two people are near each other and are interested, and knows each presense, but don't talk - they'd initially become 'bored.' What I'm saying is that, they may suddenly become dull, tire, or something relating. I myself become suddenly tired or bored and notice the girl I'm connecting with do the same when we're not interacting with one another. They'd also wander off in the oblivion, like a lost dog, and quiet - which brings me to the second thing.


They're QUIET


People like to be on their best behavior when they want to impress. When they're nervous, they don't react, so they become quiet.


Whenever I become nervous, I become shy, not so talkative. Whereas, it's the same with girls. It's best to know what's his/her behavior when you're not around. If he/she's active when you're not there, like the girl I've met, but suddenly changes their mood or behavior when you're around, it could mean something. From active to, "hey! I'm suddenly quiet," could mean that he/she is interested, but are too nervous to do anything about it. Although, if they're quiet to begin with - always, you can determine by trying to strike up a conversation - which brings me to my third thing.




People like giving off the opposite signal from what they're feeling. They could be too nervous about the whole situation, so they try to avoid.


If they're negative or positive, it doesn't always mean they're interested or not. When I first hit it off with this girl I've been meeting, she was negative in a dull way. On our first date, she mentioned that she was tired when we were around people. She basically stayed quiet and had no eye contact - kept her head facing away from me. She was trying to avoid showing her true feelings around people. When we were left alone - just us two, I had great success in opening her up. She'd laugh to anything or blush to me when being sincere. If they're negative, it doesn't always mean they're not interested. Wait and see, try talking - be fun.


Wanting to be Noticed


They'd continuously walk by or try anything to get you to notice them. So, this way you'd see them and approach them. That, they don't have to do the approaching, since them being nervous and all - shyness is a bummer. You'll start noticing them more and more - because they feel good when someone they're interested in sees them. You should, definitely, greet them - it'll stock up on their confidences and open them up to you.


I'm sure I haven't defined everything, although these were the most primarily things I've seen or done myself (I'm a bit shy).

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I get what you are saying, especially the walking back and forth to be noticed, i get that alot from this one guy who is to nervous to approach..other than a hello.


And now the new thing is he says my name everytime he says hello, but i notice he will walk back and forth a few times before he can say it!!!


He will also look at me while talking to other people..his head will move back and forth to see me, but still engage in conversation with others.

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Those are pretty positive signs, you should approach him. Start talking and find out how he reacts to you upfront. Although, it's a tough task mentality - just know that the worse that can happen is that he's not interested, which is nothing to get worked up. Relax.


Although, if he's the sort to pull that card, when he's interested but says he's not, it might be a bumpy road. As I said above, be friendly, it'll open him up.


The girl that I'm interested in is quiet around me and also tries to keep eye contact with me to a minimum when we sit close to each other. Since patting her on the back or slightly touching her when I greet her helped a lot. She now tries to sit by me, where before she'd try sitting somewhere else or not sit at all - I even sometimes do a force situation and sit in the middle of a couch, so she'd definitely sit by me.


Last time I talked to her, she kept her eyes directed down or focus on something else - say her cellphone, as I kept the conversation rolling. But, as soon as I started to look away from her and onto someone else, she'd look at me.


Just, yeah - in essense, be friendly. It'll definitely build up.

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