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How can i help


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How can i help some one who has turned from being one of the most cheery person i know, talkative and just always happy to a depressed alsmot liek dead person.


Antonia, a girl i once liked was all that, then after our first date she changed. She didnt talk to me or many of her friends. I had to find out from a friend that she wanted to be friends. But she is still misrable, depressed.


We went out monday with 3 other friends ( 1 was loren and the other two are going out )


And within about 5 mins she had stormed off, just ran away. NOw loren and the other girl sarah doesnt really like her anymore although they used to be best friends. Started since she become depressed and such.


I just spoke to her for the first time propaly in 3 weeks. And she said she left cause she felt left out. Half true, the other half is that My friends mentioned in front of her that i fancy loren and gonna buy her a teddy. WHich was prior to her leaving.


So how can i help her? Cause its really putting me down to see her like this.

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