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Don't Understand.

Tom K

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So the last 3 times ive hung out with this woman (in a group) ive been really excited to go see her and talk to her

then we get there and durin the night i talk to her-- a couple times when we are alone... and for some reason im not really attracted to her anymore.. so i think o well she was nice but i guess that ship has sailed

but then i leave i feel the attraction again and wish i could go back and see her

i dont understand why this happens


anybody have any ideas whats going on? i tried my friends and they dont really have an idea

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So then maybe it is the other way around? When you're not around her, you remember her personality and want to be with her. But if you're not attracted to her, when you're actually up close with her it goes away.


My only other thought is that you're afraid to get close to her for some reason.

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