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planning on losing weight.. any tips?


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hey. the name's eric. i'm 22 years old and i plan on losing some weight. mainly the weight is belly fat. in my stomach, the sides of my stomach and chest. im pretty much overweight. i weigh 185 and i used to weigh 165. i plan on getting back that weight.


im just wondering if anyone has any tips on diets and exercise. is there any specific types of diets or exercise that target fat around the midsection? i also plan on getting really good upper body strength.


thanks for the tips!

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Ok well, best thing to do is have 5 small healthy meals a day (no fast food, if u must drink softdrink have diet). On one day a week have a day where u have whatever you want (if you want to loose it quicker then dont) it will make u stick to the diet more easily. Im at the police academy and thats what we have to eat.


For excercise, running is the best. Try do 2 days of cardio (minimum 20 min) and 3 days of gym. if u cant afford gym then 3 days of cardio. best thing for dropping fat is cardio

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