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A little something sweet...


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Well that's the thing, I know him and his interests SO well, but he is VERY hard to shop for.


Even his parents and family complain.


I think the candy bar and drink would be something sweet, anything else would be out of my price range and wouldn't give him instant satisfaction other then me of course!


Other things he likes are games, etc. Thats to expensive for me now though. I just got him a new one for his b-day too.


I'm trying to think of a little something that almost all guys like. But I can't think now! agh.

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Condoms really do ruin sex. I agree. I ALSO take my birth control perfectly, and if I don't, it's condoms or abstinence for us. (Don't want anyone flaming lol)


I have an idea for you for a gift to give him for Christmas or whenever (don't have time to do it now, since it has to be shipped in). Get a favorite picture of you, or of you and him lasered into a crystal keychain. I had one made for my bf, and he and everyone else thinks it's really cool.


As for something to bring him--- yeah, just favorite candy.

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Okay thanks! That sounds like a good idea. Although I doubt he would wear a locket.


We already have promise rings.


I told him for X-mas I would just want a nice shirt. Like one thats anywhere from $50-70. And that's just ONE quality material piece that I could wear over and over, and a luxury that I myself could not get.


Lol I may even ask him to get it at my store! I work at a REALLY nice clothing store, and I have 40% off all full price items, although even with the discount I cant afford it. But it would be perfect for X-mas.


And then we would go to a nice, romantic dinner, since I may be in Florida ON X-mas. I'd only be gone 5 days, but I would still be gone X-mas eve and day.


And then I asked what he wanted, and he doesn't know. He's so hard!

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some people just dont know what they want, it's specially hard to ask what gift you want unless you've been eyeing something. i think he is just so happty he gets to see you it doesn't matter what gift you get him lol.

i like the idea about getting him those hearts with words on them.



Ok. ok... to be honest.. if I where ever to go see my bf after AGES.. I would get him flowers. I know it's the guys job, but I love doing sweet stuff like that for a guy, and making him feel special.

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Yeah I don't have the money for the "special" chocolates at the adult store or the time to get them since I see him tomorrow.


I think I will just stick with his favorite candy, and the sunkist if I can get it.


He will just be happy with that.


I'm near positive he will be getting me something. I'm thinking flowers.


And that is the guy's job, I couldn't give him that lol. No matter how long, it would seem backwards lol.

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