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Being More Responsible/Emotionally Strong For My Wife


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I have always been a very sensitive guy, and dealing with emotionally taxing things stresses me out. Since being married, my wife and I have encountered many of these emotionally taxing events. I typically can't handle them and my wife is left to endure the burden, while I sit on the sidelines. Needless to say, this is very trying on our relationship and I am aware I need to become more emotionally strong and be able to take on stress and not buckle in a panic attack. Basically, I need help "manning up". I've been to a counselor, and she's told me to do breathing exercises, but that only solves part of my problem. I still get anxious and panicky when tough situations arise, and my wife is getting tired of propping me back up after each break down (shes been doing that for 3 years now and we are only 23!!). Help! ](*,)

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Kudos to you for realizing that it's a problem and seeking help dealing with it!


Do you think that you could deal with these emotionally taxing events if your wife refused to handle them? I've noticed sometimes that us women can just take on the role of handling everything and not giving men a chance to get used to or adjust to handling issues.


Maybe you can request that she step back a little each time there is an issue to deal with and eventually through exposure and the absolute need for you to handle, you will become more comfortable and relaxed?

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My husband was and is the same way. When I was young and he did not handle it I stepped up to the plate and handled it. That made me angry and resentleful because I handled ALL situations of stress. Now I let him handle it all and if he fails I let him fall on his face I do not pick up the pieces he has to figure it out. If he does a great job I applaud his great job. Now I am no longer angry or resentful.

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