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How do I keep from relasping

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The problem is each time he decides to "let me go". I go through this terrible "incident". I cry, lose sleep, eat, etc and cannot function. Then I get use to it and start picking up my life again. When he calls me I fall in love with him again. Well that was the old me. Now, I'm doing better. Realize that he's playing with my heart. I'm not sure weather it' intentionally or not but it's not right. However, I dont' want to relaspe..does anyone have any advice. Not to fall or be tricked by him again? I am strong most of the time, but sometimes I get weak, especially when I feel lonely..

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My only advice is to think negative thoughts when you are weak. Or get your mind on something else so that when you are weak so you don't go back to him or think about him.


Relapses are just a part of life. There are times I think about contacting ex g/fs to see how they are and what not, but I remember why we broke up and why I am better off without them in my life. If that doesn't work, I call I current friend and talk to them about anything.

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You've got to come to a point where you say 'enough is enough'. It might mean definitively ending things in your head and not allowing for the possibility of reconciliation. If you don't like that idea of 'never again' then you probably have to accept that this guy is going to be able to play with your heart.


That's what happens when we truly care about someone. We give them the power to make us feel wonderful, or hurt us badly. There's no way of fully protecting yourself without keeping him at a distance.


If a pattern has formed you should expect that it will continue to be that way. Sometimes the hardest realization a person has to come to is that love is not enough to make something work out in a healthy way. Sometimes you have to let go.


I wish you luck in whichever direction you choose to go.



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