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Ok...my boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years and 5 months now. We have had a great relationship...even through his first semester in college which is about 5 hours away. We have managed to still remain strong. But when he came home for chirstmas break...things got a lil rocky, we split but got back together before he left to go back. and when he first got down there he called me frequently and did like he said he was going to....but now he hardly ever calls and when he does he's with the guys and to busy to talk for very long. he says he'll call me back and he never does....last night he called and said that he'd call back later that night...well he never did so i called him, and he never answered! So i sent him an email...so far that hasn't been checked, and i've tried calling him this morning and his phone is off and the other one is busy. I dont know what to do. I really dont think that he's cheating on me, but i cant help but wonder. Anyway if anyone has any thoughts on this please help me..because i dont know what to do and i'm almost ready to tell him to buck up and be a man or get lost....please help me!

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it seems weird to me that he wouldn't call, but you never know why. maybe he's just been really busy lately. i think that all you can do is wait until he contacts you now. i mean, you have tried just about every thing to get a hold of him, so im thinking he will contact you soon. some times at the beginning of a relationsip, or right after you get back together, your bf or gf will call a lot, but then it gets less & less. also, it seems like he just forgets to call you. i don't think it means that he doesn't miss you, but some times guys forget that they say they will call you back. that doesn't mean that that is a good excuse though. next time you talk to him, let him know that it hurts you when he says he will do things & doesn't. when you tell him to call you back, make sure you say it a couple times to let it sink into his brain. maybe you could try having him write it down.

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i see how that would make you feel. I think hes probably just really busy now that he's back at college. Maybe he just gets sidetracked a lot and forgets to call you. He probably misses you, i miss my girlfriend every weekend that we dont get together. Maybe you should talk to him about it. Dont ask him if hes cheating because it may offend him, but next time you get a hold of him, ask him to please make some time to talk to you, tell him you miss him (but don't seem desprate) and just remind him that you care about him and want to talk to him. Anyway, hope things work out between you two.

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