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Read This! Pointers for tomorrow


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Well, well, well. You like her, you lover her, but she as of yet does not know this. Alas, the opportunity of a lifetime is presented to you but once a year, that being Valentines Day. Yes, the day of love and new realtionships. I hope that you are reading this not as a last ditch effort, but as part of your overall plan, meaning that your intentions for tomorrow are premeditated. I hope that this gives you a few suggestions and boosts your confidence. Best of luck to everyone.


So, you have been pondering asking her out. You fall to pieces each time to see her and feel that your life is worth living just because she is alive and you have the opportunity to see her. tomorrow is the day to make it happen. To make the move and stop wondering "what if". Don't let insecurity and subsequently regret rule your life. Make it happen, you ARE the master of your own domain and you ARE capable of prevailing.


The absolute best and flattering approach would be to have roses delivered to her during class sometime throughout the day. This will surprise her and certainly get her attention for you. Include a note for her that tells her who you are and why you did it. Believe me, even if she had never really thought of a relationship with you, it will make her consider one!


Provided that you have not had the forthought or the finds to follow the first suggestion, it is not the be all and end all of everything. You can simply do the following.


Go into the situation with confidence, have the confidence coming out of your ears. Do not be supercilious (blatantly proud), just be confident and above all things, honest. Start talking to her by complimenting her on her clothes, hair, eyes, whatever. After this, you will have her attention - ask her what you intended to ask her. Simple as that. I realize that you feel that it is easier said than done, but it must be done, not just talked about.


It is a horrible feeling to be alone on Valentines Day. Though, this feeling is much worse when you don't ask out someone you love/like, and someone else, realizing their beauty, asks her out before you. Even is she is not asked out, the regret that comes with not asking her out will make your heart ache more that you can possible realize.


Make this day happen for you. Give it your best shot and be a true gentleman. Just one more thing, ask her out in private, as opposed to in front of a group of people. Most importantly, don't bring anyone with you. This situation is more private and thus easier for you to ask her out without being embarased if you are turned down.


*To be turned down is nothing when compared to regret*


Best of luck always,


John Doe

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thanx man. great advice. u seem on top of things. of course, i did all the right things and valentine's day still finds me on the couch self-medicating with Monty Python's Flying Circus, a milk shake, and cheetos. and 20$ poorer from the flowers. but you win some, you lose some. and it is a GOOD milkshake. i love ur signature quote about the race

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