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So Weak


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Ok so I am on day zero as I failed miserably after finding out everyone knew he was screwing the copy machine girl...


At first I got mad and texted him saying I was humilated and everyone knew and all his friends were so disgusted with him. Than I went to bed. I slept good which was nice for a change.


Then I woke up and I needed to know if he was still seeing her as these friends do not see him all the time and they are my friends. (they are mutual friends that we both knew before we dated). I have been friends with them all since high school and I believe the same is true for him.


So I texted him about 8 times saying I needed to know the truth I could not take hearing it from someone else. I could not take anymore humiliation. NO response. What is wrong with me..

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Oh by the way she is a rebound and has been seeing her since a couple weeks after we broke up. They are both rebounds. She is going through a divorce has two kids and a restraining order on the ex. Do these relationships last. Could he love her.

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Silence is your answer there... he most likely is still seeing her, knows you busted him and there is nothing left to say.


Your relationship with him has been problematic for a long time, right? This may be what you need... your closure. He is lying to you and sleeping with someone else. The End.


There is nothing there for you. Don't keep returning to him to calm your sense of outrage, because he's the one who CAUSED the hurt and outrage. Try to pick up and move on. Use your anger to motivate you to improve your life and find someone new.

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Thanks... I know it will get easier with time. This is not my first time being hurt from a relationship. I am too nice. It just hurts now and you are right silence is the answer. I guess I am just more honest. I would let the person know so they could move on but not everyone is like me.

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