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What is going on???


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Hi, this is my first post, i'm pleased to have found somewhere like this...


i've been with my current boyfriend now since mid may. things were going well until suddenly he started going a bit weird on me. literally seemed over night. he told me he may have to relocate up north (nearly 6 hours drive away) and was asking what we were going to do. I told him that we'd just have to work it out. but since that night he's been distant. i met with him that weekend and he wasn't quite himself and so i called a two week break. half way through the break i asked to meet him but he ignored me. we've chatted online a bit and he's been funny on there too. I've asked him if he's upset with me about something and he says no. we're neither separated formally or together formally and i have no idea what to do or say. just want to cry

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thanks for the reply...


well i basically said to him we needed to chat and asked him to sit down but he wouldn't. eventually he sat down and said 'hit me with it!'. and i basically said we could do with a two week break because i needed to get my head sorted and we both needed to figure out what we wanted out of this. he said ok but didn't say much. he wanted us to meet that evening but i told him no i'd see him again in two weeks. so it was probably unfair of me to then say a week later let's meet up. but at least i'm showing that i'm still interested!


he didn't say much about the distance he just asked what is it we will do if it comes to it since he won't be able to come to see me more often than once every 3 weeks. Which to me was shocking since his daughter who will only be turning 4 next month lives down south too!


he's very defensive on IM and generally its expected of me to intiate contact and not only that but once initiated he expects me to keep the conversation going. i don't know what to do. its tempting to just finish it but i feel i don't know enough of what is going to make an informed decision. also i've asked him straight out if he is peeved off with me he said no.

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