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Bring home baby questions?


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Since im in the South Carolina the summer is hott here and august is a hot month, what should i keep the temp in the house on, I keep it on 72 now and my familiy says its always chilly to them but to me if is comfortable so how do i know what to keep it on so she doesnt get to hott or to cold???

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Babies are very resilient about temperature, I think if it is comfortable for you, the baby will be fine, if the baby appears hot to the touch or cold, just adjust the clothing.


When it was very hot here and my daughter was a baby, she wore only a diaper and a diaper cover.

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Babies do ok if they feel cold, it's the heat they can't take. It's worse to over dress them than it is to under-dress them.


In the summer I always kept my air conditioner on 70. My son was always a warm baby. He'd sweat a lot.


I think if you stick with breathable cotton clothing/blankets/hats and check the baby- you'll be fine. If you swaddle the baby check to be sure she is not sweating or over-heating. Every baby is different.


I always kept my son in thin cotton with the air conditioner on, since he was a warm baby.

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