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What's with the NC? No Contact?...


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I've not been here long, but have read some of the threads around here and am wondering what the "No Contact" NC thing is all about.


Why would people want to play games of no contact? If you love and care about someone, wouldn't you want to have contact with them? Always?


Please discuss for I am curious as to this behavior. Thanks.

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Hi MeekOne


The idea of no contact is not some game. Typically it is a tool used by someone who has been broken up with. Often, the person doing the breaking up can send all sorts of confusing messages - mostly nothing to do with getting back together.


If you keep your head down, ignore silly messages from your ex and really work on getting your head back on straight it is so much easier than being strung along with false hope - holding you back from healing.


Nobody knows what is on the docket for us but I have to say that from my experience on here, reconcilliations are as rare as hens teeth so if someone says they are done with you, grieve it out and the believe it. If they come back then maybe great but work on getting you back to the good old you. Be hapy in your own company, keep yourself busy, live your life as you did before you met your ex.


Hope this helps some.



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Well usually you have to judge the situation. If the person is treating you poorly and or playing games with your head or heart, you can't continue to be mistreated. It is abuse. You must not play into it. It's not game playing it's healing. The people in question are like an addiction. You may love them but they are toxic and bad. You have to quit. Just read these post of people who have tried to make contact. They were further degraded, made to feel worthless and in the end the dumper still didn't want them.

No Contact is the only way in most of these situations.

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