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Tired of Fantasy. New Genre?


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I'm finding that my favored genre, that of fantasy(elf and sorcery and stuff. Not erotica) is beginning to bore me. I'm a wannabe writer and I'm want to expand my readings to other genres before I get to old to appreciate more varied and richer literature.


What are your favorite books of the horror, drama, thriller or just generic fiction genre? I'm looking to expand my reading list beyond just classic english literature, world literature and fantasy. Any recommendations?

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The best recommendation I could give you on a transition out of the fantasy genre would be to get into a book or two by Neil Gaiman - there are fantasy elements there, but it expands well beyond that and may help you find a new direction to go in with the sort of books you want to read. I'd recommend you try out "Neverwhere" or give "American Gods" a go (it may still be available free to read online, I'm not sure).


Another good one might be "The Secret History of Moscow" by Ekaterina Sedia, or "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova (this one is a slow moving read, but it's a wonderful book if you're okay with anything surrounding the Dracula mythology.)


These all have fantasy elements, but they move it out of the crusader, elves, dragons sort of thing.


Hope you find something!

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