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Why's it gotta hurt so bad


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Why does it have to hurt so bad? I really loved this girl, I was there for her when literally nobody else was, not even her family. Now its like I dont exist, after 2 years together I dont exist and your perfectly ok without me? I don't get that at all.


All of this over the fact that she was treating me poorly around her family and I walked away from the situation and went to be by myself instead of blowing it up. Then finding texts on her phone to other guys, calling her out on it and then her telling me I lied, when I tried to make sure a guy who tried to hurt her never was around her again.


After all shes done, why does it hurt so bad? Because I loved her, and obviously she didn't love me enough to get me the "help" she thought I needed. That hurts the most, all those promises she made to me, right out the window because some other guy is there and the best thing on earth.


How can someone do that? Do they have no emotions? I can't even move on like that after being in a long relationship. She tells me she loves me one day, then wants nothing to do with me the next?


I just want to be happy again, I dont want to have to cry every night and hurt like this again. And as always all the blames on me, its never anyone elses fault but mine

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As everyone might say, it's easier said than done, but I will say to you what has to be done.


You gotta move on, as hard and as tough as it sounds, its a must. Showing that you've moved on not only improves your own mood, it'll improve your relations with your significant other. She may turn jealous towards this and may come running back to you (if that's what you want).


Listen to some music, Music's always helped me, The Blues is an awesome genre of music that's both sad and mood lifting to me at the same time.


Spend some time with friends, hey people get by most of the time with a little help from their friends, it allows you to take your mind offa things and just have fun. Take a guy's night out, have some fun and relax, you got no commitment anymore to some girl who treated you badly. No, it's not your loss, its her loss that she's not with someone kind and sensitive like you.


That last sentence was something I ignored two years ago when I had a harsh breakup from a deep relationship, but it's true, I found out that I was the better one and I was the one able to rise above the occasion and make my life right instead of ruining other's lives (complicated story really...).


Anyways, yeah, music, happy thoughts and friends... (video games also work!) good luck man, stay strong

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My first love broke my heart and someone gave me the Our lady peace CD that helped me through it, believe it or not. I recently just lost my gf that I am still head over heels in love with and am in complete denial that it's over. I still hope she comes back...the pain is absolutely unbelievable and it's hard to believe that im even getting through the days. So I went to the store and I bought the Our lady Peace - Decade CD...it contains all old and a few new songs and have been listening to it wherever i go. Amazingly enough, along with a few drinks and some friends.....it's really helping to calm my mind from wandering thoughts of anger and sadness. Just try it. Unless you are more into country music...prob not ur style.

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You will be happy again I can guaranteed that. As for her, she obviously wasn't worth your time and seems pretty heartless and selfish. Karma will catch up to her and you for that matter. You treated her well that will be rewarded and you will find a girl who appreciates it.

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