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Pre-Ejaculation Fluid Problem

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I have a problem and I need some help! Every time I lay down with my girlfriend, my penis begins to leak some fluid. I have looked it up and i'm pretty sure it is pre-ejaculation fluid. The problem is that my girlfriend is extremely paranoid about pregnancy and this stuff just kills the mood! Any advice on how to control this would be great! Thank you very much!

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How much fluid is there?

If it's only a little, then it's not pre-ejaculation more like something similar to lubricant and it contains no sperm. However, I'm not authorized to tell you what to do and not so consult with a pharmacist or other authorized staff. I don't think that you have anything to worry about.

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This fluid is entirely normal and to be expected. There's not a thing wrong with you. It may very well contain sperm as individual sperm may remain alive in the body for several days, so it's possible there are a few of the little guys wandering around.


The amount of fluid varies by person and by excitement level.


This fluid is produced by the Cowper's gland, and one of it's purposes is to flush any traces of urine out of the way, as the acidity tends to kill off sperm. It is not the same as ejaculatory fluid.


Anyway, the semen count will be extremely low with this fluid, so it's relatively safe from that viewpoint. I assume fro what you say that you are using protection anyway during actual sex. As long as this fluid doesn't get inside her, there is very low risk of it causing pregnancy. Keep a towel handy, and wipe it up as necessary, and particularly before you put on a condom and that should take care of it.


As dophar says, putting on a condom as soon as you get hard may give you peace of mind too.

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they're right, it's perfectly normal.

tell your girlfriend not to worry. as long as you're not sticking it inside of her, it can't do anything to her. and if she's that paranoid about getting pregnant, then i'm sure you already use a condom when things DO get hot and heavy, right?

anyway, there isn't any way to keep it from coming out unless you put on a condom from the beginning. so if your girlfriend still freaks out about it, then that's the only way to go.

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