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Clear skin help

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I have a collection of spots on my head and they just wont go away! And some smaller ones on my cheeks.

I was wondering whats the best thing to use to get clear skin? Does that clean and clear stuff work? Just wondering what to buy that can help

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I never had very many blemishes at all as a teenager and in my 20's--in fact it was rare for me to break out even in one spot. However when I reached my 30's I started to get breakouts. Nothing really worked until recently.


I started washing my face with Oil of Olay foaming face wash, both morning and night, followed by Oil of Olay toner (which has a bit of witch hazel in it). Very soothing. I also use their clarifying face cloths in the shower. (No I'm not advertising, LOL). Then when my face is dry, I use a small/thin layer of Oil of Olay SPF moisturizer and then a thin layer of Clearasil 10% benzoyl peroxide followed by another thin layer of moisturizer (the benzoyl peroxide tends to dry my face but the moisturizer helps that). I also upped my water drinking a little more, but I guess that is because it's summer.


I swear to you, my face cleared up in TWO DAYS and I haven't had a breakout of any kind since (in over a month). Only sometimes now do I wear much makeup--much less than before! We'll see if it stays that way over the winter though.


Sounds like a lot of work but it's really not much different from my normal routine. But the clear skin is well worth the extra step since I don't have to wear much gross makeup any more! Just the Clearasil tinted and a dusting of mineral powder.

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Is the "spot" acne? Or is it like a sun spot? Age spot? If it's an age or sun spot you might need to see a dermatologist and they will likely prescribe you something for hyperpigmentation. Usually a bleaching agent will do the trick. As for acne, that's usually

caused by stress. Again, best to see a dermatologist if the problem persist.

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