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I'm a little curious as to how quickly most relationships progress between new couples.. I've been out of the dating scene for quite a while, so I can't remember what the exact rules are for dating.

I wanted to give as much detail as possible as to what led up to the end of the date so that you have more of an idea of what could be right/wrong.

This is probably unneccessarily long, but here goes.


Just before I closed my account on a dating website I found a guy that has a lot of similiar interests. We seemed to really click, as far as compatibility goes on msn conversations. After two weeks of chatting online, we decided to meet. Within the first 5 minutes of being with him in person I was smitten. He has a wicked sense of humor, a really down to earth personality, and is as passionate as he is good-looking. The way we talked was like we had grown up living on the same street all our lives. It came so easily, and already I felt the beginning of a deep connection. I'm a little skeptical about online dating, but this feels so different than any other guy I've met. I don't know if I should trust these sudden emotions..? I've never felt like this meeting a stranger before.

So we met again today. He came over for brunch and we went for a 2 hour walk in a park. We lay on the grass in the shade just chatting and telling jokes. Then we just got quiet and enjoyed the surroundings. I had my hat covering my eyes from the sun so I couldnt see anything. After about 15 minutes, he kissed me by surprise. It was so intense and good, I kind of gave in.. we kissed passionately for a few minutes. We just cuddled after, and feel asleep for a while.

I don't know all the rules for dating, but I'm wondering if we did the right thing..? I'm worried that I didn't use enough self control but it felt so right... Is it a bad thing to kiss a lot on the second date if there is a lot of chemistry?

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I think it's absolutely fine to kiss on the 2nd date. It's such a fun time in a relationship- enjoy it!


The only piece of advice I would give you is to make sure you realize that, at this point, you know very little about this guy. He may be amazing & the man of your dreams, or he might not be right for you.


The euphoria you are feeling when you talk about the "deep connection" you have with him is based on infatuation. And that's fine! Just keep your eyes open and enjoy getting to know him and enjoy all that making out!

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