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i need help...im confused


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i really like this girl.i guess she likes me but i gave her my phone #and she never called.the next day i kissed her and flirted with her.then she told me that she that she was involved in a unhealthy relationship,but she said she didn't want 2 leave him and break his heart...what should i do??

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Leave her alone. No other way to say it other thatn that. If and/or when she leaves him, she will need time to move on. There is no telling if she is ready for the relationship to end. I have found that some women tend to go out and just want attention and compliments to make themselves feel better, because they aren't getting that at home. If she leaves him and has time to heal the emotional wounds that an unhealthy relationship brings then and only then can you maybe have a relationship with her. She may not be in a bad relationship and told you that just to let you down easily. Go on my friend and leave this one alone.

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