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What am I doing??


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I am currently dating a guy that is about 10 years older than I am. We have been together only 2 months now and he is really nice, but recently I am starting to feel like he is only using me to show off to his friends as " Hey dude's look at my girlfriend, she is still so young and unexperienced"

He is starting to push me and make me do things that I am not ready to do. He expects me to just follow and not to take control of how I feel. What should i do and what should I say to him???

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Show him you are mature enough to not let him control you. If he pushes you, just say no. If he doesn't like it, too bad.


Sometimes older men do date younger women on purpose because they are naive and will put up with more than a woman their own age.


If this guy is a jerk, you shouldn't put up with him.

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You might be a trophy...but it's up to you what you do - not him.


if he's pushing you to do things you're uncomfortable with - break up. That is what you'd do with someone your own age.


if you're listening to him going "he's more experienced, he should know what is right and wrong to do" - you're looking at him as a parent, he's not your daddy, he doesn't have your well-being and best interest in mind when he's "telling you what to do".

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