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I just wanted to share that, I've been attracted to this guy for months and after a bit of help from people on here realised a few things and how to get over him. (It would never have worked out)


Thinking about him a lot, checking his facebook profile almost daily? etc


Over the past two days I've not sought any kind of contact (hanging out etc) and even deleted him off MSN so I wasn't tempted to talk to him. Only kept him on social networking sites (as I still want to be his friend)


Since doing that...I can feel myself slowly starting to get over him, even though we were never "involved" it feels like this great achievement for me, I've liked him for TOO LONG and needed to move on.


I've not checked his profile at all, not thinking about him as much, and if things keep carrying on this way, I may not even need a great deal of time before feelings for him vanish.


Feeling a lot happier Just wanted to share!

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